I am Saul Diaz Valadez, a tech enthusiast, self taught software developer. I started my career more than 20 years ago as a website developer and now I have specialized in mobile application development.

If you are interested in me working with you, you can download my resume here. I also invite you to visit my profile on LinkedIn.


I have expertise developing in the languages: Swift, Objective-C, Dart, JavaScript, Python and PHP.

The IDE that I enjoy using the most is Visual Studio Code and I will also use: Xcode, Android Studio, Sublime Text and VIM. The terminal emulator that I like to work with on macOS is iTerm2 with Z shell and Oh My Zsh.

The services that will be set up and configured on Linux and macOS are: Apache, NGINX, PHP-FPM, Memcached, Varnish, Open VPN. The CMS I have worked with the most is WordPress.

I have extensive experience in the design and implementation of SaaS architecture with Cloud Computing Service such as: Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Firebase and Linode.

The last projects in which I have collaborated are:

POC of Konfío app hybrid in Flutter

In Konfío my product manager together with my tech lead, they allowed me to develop the POC of the Konfío app for iOS and Android using the Flutter SDK when I proposed it.

Scalable Konfío native iOS app

I collaborated in the development of the native Konfío app scalable for iOS where the client accesses their loan and credit card information.

Enlace Judío hybrid app on Flutter

I developed the Enlace Judío app with the Flutter SDK in two weeks. It is a hybrid iOS and Android application built from a single Dart code base. It is available for download in the App Store and in the Play Store.

Website AMP in WordPress saul.mx

I developed this website to present my portfolio and share my contact details with you.