Scalable Konfío native iOS app

Konfío native iOS app

I collaborated in the development of the native Konfío app scalable for iOS where the client accesses their loan and credit card information. I collaborated to implement new features of the Konfío app within an extended MVC architecture based on reactive components using the RxSwift framework.

I implemented the Firebase Dynamic Link feature and Associated Domains configuration in the Xcode project of the iOS app of Konfío. I also implemented the button action to open other Konfío apps and open WhatsApp app to start a chat with WhatsApp Business account of Konfío. I implemented a call to Drift chat of customer support.

In the client’s web dashboard I implemented the Smart App Banner so that clients who access their Konfío account through Safari will be invited to download the Konfío app from the App Store.

By Saul Diaz

I am a tech enthusiast, self taught software developer. I started my career more than 20 years ago as a website developer and now I have specialized in mobile application development.